In order to reduce the chances of a complete breakdown and to keep your boiler working for years, it is important that it receives service on an annual basis.

Annual service appointments will allow our technicians to do a thorough inspection and testing of all of the elements of the boiler.

These maintenance appointments help keep your energy costs down, catch small problems before they result in failure and extend the life of your boiler.

    Servicing of  all type of boilers  may include but not be limited to the  following:


-Check operation of safety limit controls

-Check pressure relief valve

-Check water pressure and temperature set point

-Check expansion tank

-Check operation of thermostat

-Lubricate circulating pump as required

-Check Radiant Floor Temperature control device

-Check pressure switches and vent blower (if applicable)

-Inspect burners and clean if required

-Examine vent connector and inspect venting system

-Check vent damper operation (if applicable)

-Check and adjust pilot light (if applicable)

-Check flame rectification

-Measure stack (flue) temperature

-Check gas piping to boiler

-Check and adjust manifold gas pressure

-Clock appliance to verify correct input

-Combustion / ventilation air adequate

-Check for elevated carbon monoxide levels

-Inspect heat exchanger

-Check temperature difference between supply and return piping.

-Clean equipment interior/exterior


Boiler manufacturers, Fire Departments, Insurance Companies all recommend annual inspections and maintenance by a qualified technician.  They also have language in their  warranties  saying that damage to the units caused by improper maintenance is not covered under warranty.

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