Water heaters are non-issues UNTIL you get hit with that first icy shower or giant puddle in the basement. Then you have to think fast: Repair or replace?

  5 clues that your water heater needs to be replaced


        Rust and corrosion

        Unable to drain water through the drain valve

        Your hot water tank is leaking

        Your water is warm or cold

Remember, the better you take care of your water heater the longer it will last. Performing regular water heater maintenance will extend the life of your water heater and will save

If it’s a conventional storage-tank water heater nearing the end of its 10-13-year life, replacement is obvious: New models are up to 20% more efficient and can save you money in energy costs over the life of the unit. However, if your water heater is only a few years old, repair may be the way to go.

Over time, water minerals react with steel, corroding water heater tanks. When water heaters spring a leak, repair isn’t an option.


On the bright side, modern water heaters are far more energy-efficient than older models. Manufacturers now inject foam insulation between the tank and its outer shell, resulting in higher heat retention. New glass liners make tanks less prone to corrosion.


You’ll pay $700 to $1,500 to purchase and install a new conventional storage unit. A high-efficiency model that meets Energy Star standards saves up to 20% in energy costs.

A tankless water heater produces hot water only when you need it. When you turn on the faucet, water is heated on the spot as it flows through capillary-like pipes heated by either a powerful gas burner or electric coils.


If you  see any of above clues with your water heater we recommend you call  us . Our certified technician can come to your house and we can  do the same day installation for you .

hot water tank installation
Rhemm hot water tank replacement with  Rinnai thankless water heater


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